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We convert wasted organic resources to nutrient rich compost and return it to our Aussie farmland.

One of the main questions that people ask us when we start working together is 'What actually happens to our waste after you have picked it up?' We have a very simple answer for you. We don't think of what we pick from you as waste! Here at Compost Collectors we call this 'stuff' an organic resource, and the first step is taking it to our processing station (which is more like a farm!) less than 25 km from the CBD of Melbourne.

Here we put your old apple cores into a rotopress and within 72 hours you end up with beautiful, rich, organic gold for your garden! But, it doesn't stop there... we like to support small businesses, especially urban farmers trying to do the right thing, so we make sure our great compost ends up in their gardens and farms so they can grow great food for you. It is a simple system, but it works. We are proud to be one of the only businesses in Melbourne offering a true closed loop service. We also truly care about offering you great value – this means a minimum price for bin pick ups and no lock in contracts.

We work with all kinds of businesses across Melbourne and just want to connect with like minded people. We don't mind if your waste comes from a florist, restaurant or cafe, food processing plant, aged care facility, school or green grocer...we will get you onto a run in your local area as soon as we can. Get in touch!

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