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About our compost

Our compost is a living and balanced ecosystem, filled with everything your plants need. Rich in organic material and trace elements, our compost is lovingly mixed, naturally innoculated and carefully matured to be well-structured, chemically-balanced and biologically active.

Your nutritious plants will grow faster, stronger, and be more resilient to insects, disease and drought.

Analysis of our latest batch of compost

  • Compost pH 7 (+/- 0.2): suitable for most plants.
  • Organic carbon 12%: to improve soil structure and help retain water in the soil, protecting against both drought and flooding.
  • Cation Exchange Capability 94: allows the soil to store a vast quantity of nutrients in bioavailable form, protected against leaching and ready for your plant roots to tap into.

Major and Minor Nutrients:

  • Phosphorus (soluble) at 100+ ppm, to support lush growth, with insoluble reserves enough to last many years.
  • Potassium at 1000+ ppm, the “quality nutrient”, regulates CO2 uptake and activates protein and starch synthesis.
  • Sulphur available at 200+ ppm, essential for plant protein synthesis.
  • Magnesium, available at 450+ ppm, for chlorophyll production.
  • Calcium, at 16,000+ ppm, for vigorous root development and disease resistance
  • Iron, at 60 ppm, essential for energy production within the plant.
  • Manganese 10 ppm, for the production of antioxidants.
  • Zinc at 10 ppm, to inter-convert sugars and starches, and facilitate leaf development
  • Copper at 2 ppm, required for strong stems and shoots, and for enzymes that contribute to flavour development.
  • Boron, 1 ppm, needed by roots for the uptake of water.